Restaurant Sign-up

The Exmoor Food Fest runs from 1 to 28 February 2019.

Participating restaurants are offering special deals from £10.00 to Gourmet on all or chosen dates.

Sign up for the Exmoor Food Fest 2019 for £95.00 by 27 January 2019 
(Late registration fee after 27 January 2019: £110.00)

  1. Have a look at our Infographic below and read the information sheet
  2.  Pay the registration fee
    1. Pay by BACS and email when you have sent the money
      Account 06624146 *** Sort code 23-69-72
    2. Pay by PayPal
    3. Pay online
    4. Pay by card over the phone: 01643 704788
  3. Fill in the registration form below 
  4. Tell us your deal: email (please as soon as you can!)
  5. Send information about your establishment/ events  and photos to


Sign up by filling in the contact form below: