A number of foodie events  will take place across our festival region during the 2018 Exmoor Food Fest.

The official launch is hosted by the Pyne Arms in East Down on 30 January.  From 2 till 4 February we are going to celebrate Taste Exmoor at The Beach Hotel in Minehead. It will be a fun event for anyone who loves food.

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2 thoughts on “Events

  1. B.H.Twist says:

    Poorly organised! Publicity minimal, not apparent in local paper.
    The Notley Arms (on published list) NOT doing it this year.
    Cross Lane House (on published list) CLOSED for half of the Fest.
    Stags Head Dunster IS participating but is not on list

    • Elke Winzer says:

      Can you please advise which list you are referring to as far as Notley Arms and Cross Lane House is concerned? They are not on any list on this website nor on any printed material. The Stags Head Inn has just joined – you will find all the relevant information about the Stags Head on this site. We have also just checked that the link works.
      Sadly we can’t force local papers to print articles about events. The Exmoor Food Fest (which doesn’t get any official funding and depends on many volunteer hours) has been promoted on The Breeze since the beginning of January. Posters are also up in bus shelters. If you would like to get involved in promoting the Exmoor Food Fest in 2017, we would be delighted to have you on board.

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