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A.David & Co.Ltd is a Food Service Distribution company that has been supplying the catering industry (including pubs and fine food restaurants) around Bristol and the South West for the past 50 years.

The A. David story is fascinating, being formed in the early sixties by Arthur & Diana David and growing to become one of the foremost fresh produce companies in the region.

A Family Affair

Memorable Characters
A. David & Co originally operated from the basement of a house in inner city Bristol. Arthur quickly realised that the business had potential and was out-growing it’s surroundings so set about looking for a new home. This new home came in the form of Hillside Farm, still it’s base today after 50 years. It was from this site that the business really took off and started to gain the reputation for service and quality that it has today.
Building for the Future
Getting a Reputation
As the business continued to grow, more and more family members joined the team and it was not long before the Blue Lorries of A. David became famous around the area; they could often be seen delivering long in to the evening. It was about this time that Philip, Arthur’s eldest son, joined the company and learnt the trade the hard way through long hours and hard work. Today Philip is the MD and continues to insist on the same high standards his father did in those bygone years.
Growing Up
Constant Innovation
Service was always the watch-word of the company and Arthur always made sure that the customer came first. Even in days when produce was in short supply Arthur made sure all customer’s needs were met by turning his land into prime crops. For many years the company supplied customers with produce grown by their own fair hands and it was this sort of innovative approach that earned A. David the reputation it has today.
Moving On
A new Approach
As the business grew and times changed, the company knew it too had to alter. With the foresight to bring in specialist help, Phil David set about expanding the product range and through extensive research and listening to customers he achieved a stunninly eclectic range of Fresh Produce, Fine Foods, Dairy and Butchery. Today we are perfectly placed to supply the caterer with exactly what they want, when they want it, and at a price that will make them smile.
Next Generation
Investing in the Future
To bring the A.David story up to date Philip David’s own children are now actively involved in the business on a day to day basis. Daniel, Ben & James all drive vehicles for the company and it is with the knowledge that the boys are on board that we are confident that the future success of the business is guaranteed. In times when so many family businesses are being sold we know Arthur is very proud to have his family carrying on his good work.

Chilled VanCUSTOMER SERVICE, TELE & FIELD SALES– We’re always here at the end of a line; to answer any queries, talk about special offers or chat to your local rep.
MANAGEMENT AND ACCOUNTS– We would love the opportunity to help local businesses, suppliers and producers – so give us a call and let’s meet up!
TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS– With a fleet of over 30 vans and drivers we deliver all across Southern England and Wales, call us to discuss the detail of your delivery.
PRICING, PROCUREMENT & PREPARATION– All departments of A.David are dedicated to providing you the best product for the best price each and every day.
Whatever you want, just give us a call 08444 120 555

Twitter:           @ADavidandCo


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