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Exmoor Food Fest 2022

In February 2022, the 7th Exmoor Food Fest will take place, offering participating restaurants and other food related businesses across the region the opportunity to showcase their skills and attract customers and media attention at a time which is notoriously quiet.

Here is the info in a nutshell:

  • The Exmoor Food Fest runs from 1 February to 28 February 2022
  • Participating restaurants offer at least one or more of the ExFF22 meal deals  (details below)*
  • All participating restaurants will be featured on an interactive map on and have their own page on the website with details about their ExFF offer (with links back to their own website).

The Exmoor Food Fest Offer: 

  • Restaurants can choose between £10/12.50/15.00/17.50/20.00/Gourmet offers 
  • A voucher will be available on the ExFF website which can  be downloaded – customers should be encouraged to use the voucher to access the ExFF offer (data to be retained by restaurant). We are also printing vouchers on the back of flyers which will be distributed in the region.

Registration Fee for all participating businesses: 

Silver: £99.00 

📌 Full page on ;

📌 promotion on Social Media from the time of signing up.


Gold:  £155.00*

📌 As above, plus

📌 a “Welcome Email” to our Newsletter subscribers, and

📌 full page on for 2022 (value: £99.00)

📌 Bonus: One ‘live’ on Facebook and Instagram*(Payment plan available)


Platinum: £250.00*

📌As above, plus

📌 four blog posts on our website and

📌 an advert in all Newsletters.

📌Bonus: Four ‘lives’ on Facebook and Instagram and one dedicated video/reel for social media.

*(Payment plan available)

What to do next:

  • Please sign up here –  arrange payment of the registration fee (invoices/receipts will be sent out upon receipt of the payment)
  • Send information about your business and 4 – 10 images to
  • Choose your ExFF deals (menus can be sent later)
  • Come up with ideas about how to piggy-back on the ExFF (prepare vouchers for customers to be used after the Exmoor Food Fest, run extra events etc) – let us know and we’ll put everything up on the ExFF website and social media channels.
  • Make sure we receive your registration form and payment as soon as possible – the quicker you act, the quicker your details will be on the website. 
  • Use your own social media to help promote the event – make sure you RT/share our posts.  We will always RT and share yours.  Social Media posts:  #ExFF22

Contact details for further info:  Elke Winzer,

*** How the Deals work***

Here are the price categories:


->  It is up to you how many courses you offer at each category.

->  You can pick as many or as few categories as you like.

->  Gourmet: you will need to let us know the price you are going to charge.

Example 1:

Develop one ExFF menu and offer it at a different price category at lunch/ dinner or
on different days of the week.

Example 2:

Develop several menus, for example:

Tasting menu (Gourmet) – for certain evenings or the weekend
Lunch menu
Dinner menu
and choose different price categories

If you have any queries, please get in touch:  ****  Mob 07881 504863

* * *



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