Eat your way across Exmoor.

We’re looking forward to celebrating Exmoor’s finest hospitality again!

Throughout February 2023

The 2023 Exmoor Food Fest will start at the end of January 2023 with a celebratory dinner at one of our Exmoor restaurants. And then it’s all go from 1 February throughout the month.
But the countdown starts much earlier: On 12 October 2022, a once-in-a-lifetime, six-course Exmoor Tasting Dinner, will start off the countdown at Knowle Manor. Subscribers on our mailing list will have first grabs at the tickets (you can sign up for the newsletter here). We are excited to announce the names of all the chefs at the beginning of August, and boy, do we have some treats for you!

Please keep checking back on here to see the latest updates – we’ll be adding restaurants and events all the time.

A celebratory six-course dinner starts off the countdown to the 2023 Exmoor Food Fest.
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Restaurants (sign-up)

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Calling all restaurants across Exmoor and a little bit beyond: Join us for the 2023 Exmoor Food Fest!

Check out the map

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Check out the Google Map of the 2022 Exmoor Food Fest. (We’ll update the link to ExFF23 later this year).

How does it work?

The Exmoor Food Fest is entirely restaurant based. Each year during February, participating restaurants offer ‘special deals’ which provide you with the opportunity to eat out for less, try out new restaurants and experience unique tasting dinners.

As soon as a restaurant signs up for the 2023 Exmoor Food Fest, we will put it onto our Google Map. Once we have received photos and details about the restaurant, we will set up their page under “Restaurants“. They will get added to “Price Categories” as soon as we know what the restaurant offers.

To find YOUR restaurant or even create your own Exmoor Food Fest trail, check out the map, if location is your key concern. If you are looking for deals, then head to the “Price Categories”.

If you’d like to know what a specific restaurant offers, put their name into the Search bar:

Please remember to contact the restaurant of your choice directly! You find their contact details on their page. While we are doing our best to have the latest updates on this website, please confirm menu/deal/availability with the restaurant when booking.

We are working on creating an overview of what is available when, where and for how much – keep checking back on us.

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The Exmoor Food Fest is an industry driven annual event which takes place throughout February in participating restaurants across the region.

Concept and organisation by Exmoor4all

Elke Koessling Winzer, the founder of Exmoor4all, Exmoor’s largest online platform, is a PR, Comms & Events Consultant & Coach.

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The first Exmoor Food Fest took place in February 2015. It was launched at the Combe Restaurant of West Somerset College with guest chefs Mark Dodson and Thomas Carr.

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