Meet the Chefs: Arek & Dainis from the White House, Williton

  • When did you become a chef and why?

Arek-  I have been involved in cooking since early childhood, helping my mum and dad and learning my first tastes from them. After finishing secondary school I started my professional education at chefs college, rest is history 😊

Dainis- I became a chef 19 years ago as a new challenge for myself.

  • Have you always been passionate about cooking?

A – To this day I enjoy cooking, creating new dishes and seeing happiness on my customer faces when they taste the food, I think this is what keeps me going and motivates me.

D – Yes

  • What keeps you passionate about cooking?

D –  I love keeping people happy and exceeding expectations with food they eat

  • When did you start at The White House?

A – I’m with the Withe House Hotel for over a year now, enjoying every minute . I have joined my friends here and we are are all passionate about great food and customer service, it’s great when we inspire and motivate each other.

D – We took over the business as a B&B in 2019. We renovated the restaurant and opened to the public in November 2019. 

  • Do you have a particular style of cooking?

A – I wouldn’t say that I have a particular cooking style, I love food from around the world and trying new things

  • Do you have a favourite dish at The White House and why?

Both – We don’t have a favourite dish. We change the menu often and we create each dish with passion and care. It would be like choosing a favourite child.

  • What one ingredient couldn’t you live without?

Arek – Butter

Dainis – Meat

  • Do you have any exciting future plans?

Both – Yes, to extend our restaurant, open the garden to public and do BBQ weekends

  • Are you looking forward to the Exmoor Food Fest?

Both – Yes very much so. It’s always great to hear feedback about your dishes, we are constantly trying to improve the customer experience. Also, it’s great to see what trends and ideas are presented by the competition.

  • Is there anything else you would like to add?

We look forward to seeing you at The White House!

The White House
11 Long Street 
Tel.: 01984632306


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