The Exmoor Food Fest is celebrating the Taste of Exmoor throughout February.

Every year in February a range of restaurants on and around Exmoor  to offer outstanding food at an affordable price as part of the Exmoor Food Fest. Customers will be able to eat their way across Exmoor from £10.00 per meal.

How it works

All participating restaurants are listed under “Restaurants” – when you hover over “Restaurants” a pop-up a menu with all restaurants should pop up.  You can also see all participating restaurants on a Google Map.  We attempt to update both lists and map regularly with all the information available to us, however, please note that restaurants might change their offer/menu at short notice.

Please confirm with the restaurant of your choice that the Exmoor Food Fest deal is available on the day when you wish to dine. You might be asked to hand in a voucher to be eligible for this deal.  You can download the voucher from the website.

Some of the restaurants are running special events during the Exmoor Food Fest.  We endeavour to list these on our Events page, but we depend on restaurants sending us the relevant information to us.  You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where more up-to-date info might be available.

The people behind Taste Exmoor and the Exmoor Food Fest

The event is brought to you by Exmoor4all.

Andrew Dixon (formerly The Cafe at Porlock Weir) had the idea, Elke Winzer (Exmoor4all) ran with it, and many, many people have helped the Exmoor Food Fest since the first festival in 2015.

All of us would like to say a huge THANKYOU to everyone who has helped us, believed in us and still talks to us!

Our Sponsors

The Exmoor Food Fest would not be possible without the kind support of all the restaurants and the hard work of all chefs and kitchen staff involved as well as the food and drink businesses supporting the restaurants.

How to take part

Are you a local food related business wishing to take part in the Exmoor Food Fest? Then please  sign up here.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you, Susie, for your kind comments! The voucher will be available for download soon… We are still busy uploading all the information about the restaurants and sponsors. By the middle of next week, the voucher should be there (all fingers and toes crossed). We are also printing leaflets and vouchers which will be available at the restaurants.
    May we quote your comment about the Food Fest?
    Thanks, Elke Winzer

  2. Looking forward to this,love the whole concept of bringing Exmoor together, showcasing our diversity, and inspiration behind the people and land of Exmoor!

  3. The upcoming event for Exmoor in a Glass: Gin Tasting afternoon has a confusing location. The Culbone Inn is not at Dunster Steep, did you mean the Luttrell Arms Hotel?

    1. Apologies for the confusion. The event takes place at The Culbone on the top of Porlock Hill. More detailed information will be pisted on the events page tomorrow. It appears that the wrong postcode was entered in the iCalendar. We will look into this asap.

    2. I just checked – the mistake is caused by wrong information on the Apple map. It shows the correct location, but insists the road is called Dunster Steep… I have reported it to Apple, but there is no option to change the information manually. As I said – more information will be posted on the Events page tomorrow.

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