We are inviting outstanding Exmoor restaurants to take part in the Exmoor Food Fest with two courses for £10.00 /three courses for £15.00, using locally sourced ingredients.  It is a great opportunity to showcase Exmoor and the restaurant at a time of year when it is notoriously quiet.  Customers will love the opportunity to save on their meals, leaving them more money to spend on drinks and extra courses. 

How does it work?
Customers who want to make use of the Exmoor Food Fest offer will have to fill in a voucher with their details – an excellent way to grow the restaurant’s and the Exmoor Food Fest’s database.  With their bill customers will receive another voucher for another meal.
The event will be promoted extensively with flyers, ‘Save the Date’ cards, website, social media and traditional media events. All registered restaurants will receive a certain amount of flyers with vouchers to hand out to guests.
Logos and contact details for all participating restaurants will be on all flyers and other marketing material.
Customers will also receive a “Taste of Exmoor Passport” which can be stamped at all participating restaurants. Anyone with more than a set number of stamps will enter a prize draw.

How much does it cost?
Participating restaurants will have to pay a registration fee of £50.00
(payable via Paypal or by cheque made out to CultureLine Events&Publicity Ltd)


You can download the Registration Form here. Please post it to CultureLine Events&Publicity Ltd, 2 Bossington Green, Minehead, Somerset TA24 8HH.  

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