Enjoy the Exmoor Food Fest at Fausto’s in Minehead

We would like to offer the Exmoor Food Fest deal every lunchtime Monday – Saturday and evenings Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday excluding Valentine’s Day. 

We pride ourselves in offering authentic Italian cuisine combining Italian and local produce for the ultimate dining experience. We are a relaxed family run restaurant and welcome large and small parties. We aim to bring a small part of Italy to exmoor so come and join us by our open fire with a glass of wine and a heart bowl of pasta to keep you warm. 

Menu as follows: 

Starters: garlic mushrooms, tomato and mozzarella and game terrine. 

Mains: any pizza or pasta dish of your choice. 

Dessert: any dessert from our menu excluding the cheeeseboard. 

4 Holloway St, Minehead TA24 5NP

Phone:             01643 706372
Website:          www.faustos.co.uk
Email:              mail@faustos.co.uk
Instagram:     faustosrestaurant 

Published by Elke Koessling Winzer

Communications/ PR Expert. Helping small business owners to step into the limelight with the help of traditional & social media as well as virtual and real-life events.

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